Krvavec is close to Kranj and not far either from Ljubljana, so a full day’s skiing on its slopes is easily managed, especially now that the new gondola takes skiers to the slopes in less than seven minutes.

The Krvavec Ski Center, situated on a peak at the edge of the Kalška mountain range, spreads across smooth alpine meadows and does not require a deep blanket of snow to create ideal skiing conditions. With snow guns to “assist” nature that cover up to 90% of the trails, the season normally lasts 150 days, and 100 days are guaranteed. Exciting trails await beginners, recreational skiers, and competitors alike, and Krvavec offers a rich entertainment and recreation program for everyone. And when the sun is especially generous, Krvavec is as beautiful as the beach for sunbathing.

Distance from Cukrarna Hostel Kranj to Krvavec ski resort is 13,2 km.

Time of travel will be approximately 19 minuts.