Enjoy in the idyllic images of the pure and intact nature.

The immediate vicinity of Bled includes the Triglav National Park which covers 4% of the entire Slovenia, almost across the entire area of the Julian Alps, and is considered as one of the oldest European parks. Its specific feature is its dynamic intact nature and its richness of vegetation and numerous endangered animals.

A piece of heaven
Not so far from the city bustle you can enter a completely different world.
The dynamic countryside with majestic mountain tops on one side, and on the other side steeply carved valleys, gorges with clear mountain streams, magical lakes hidden high between the mountains, rich forests and green pools, vegetation you can’t find anywhere else, animals which are tuned into a different beat of life, mountain pastures with freely grazing cattle, traditional farms, manufacture of products according to traditional methods… The list goes on and on. Here, the high-altitude Karst meets the Mediterranean influences and creates the right conditions for such diverse vegetation and surface phenomena.

The origin of the name
The Triglav National Park gained its name after the highest Slovenian mountain located in its centre. Mt. Triglav is a symbol of Slovenianness and a source of countless stories and legends. One of them says that the mountain was named after the three-headed Slavic God who lived on the mountain, whilst another one claims that the mountain gained its name after its specific shape.

Sports activities
The area of TNP offers plenty of sports activities. The only limitation when practicing sports activities in TNP is that the activities must not affect, pollute or destroy the natural environment and that they assure the safety of the participants. Select your favourite activity  – hiking, climbing, jogging, cycling, flying, water sports, fishing, golf, or winter snow sports.

Observe the unique colours, and vegetation, playing animals, dynamic reliefs and the rushing rivers. Watch the time stop in the embrace of the intact nature. These images will stay in your mind forever.